Church Leadership

Leadership Team

  • Pastor Jason Van Wyk, President


  • Scott Eldridge ’20
  • Bruce Held ’20 Clerk
  • Larry Hendricks '21
  • Corey Westra '21 VP
  • Marsha Donkersloot '22
  • JD Welander '22


  • Drew Stansberry ’20 Co-Treas.
  • Matt Erion '20 Co-Vice Treas.
  • Emily Sudbeck '21 Co-Treas.
  • Tim Van Meeteren '21 Treas.
  • Jenny Pennings '22 Co-Vice Treas.
  • Vern Van Peursem '22 Chair of Deacons

Looking for a way to use your talents and plug in to the church? Consider joining one of our church teams! Contact the chairperson of the team or any member for more information.

Marcia Donkersloot, Chair
Brent Plantage
Marla Moore
Minda Thompson
Katie Stansberry
Jenny Pennings
Kevin Durst
Greg Bleeker
Michelle Lewis
Shantelle Bleeker
Deb Van Peursem
Angie Lewis
Gloria Zook
Misty Howard
Gina Zuercher
Mark Kruse, Chair
Scott Eldridge
Matt Pittenger
Deb Van Peursem
Larry Hendricks
Bernice Van Eldik
Carole Johnston, Chair
Phyllis De Wolf
Diane Eldridge
Marlene Hoelker
Melanie Jacobsen
Larie Miller
Priscilla Peacock
Bee Shira
Jana Widman
Jessica Funderman, Chair
Drew Stansberry
Helen Bilsland
Clay Miller
Andrea Rathgeber, Chair
Brad Lewis
Jo Hackett
Shirley Mobley
Neil Bartholomew
Matt Ott
Mel Obbink
Matt Erion, Chair
Bruce Held
Clint Vos
Mitch Sorenson
Dave Dreessen
Marlo Griebel
Property Sub-committees
Kathy Erion, Decorating
Katie Kruse, Decorating
Katie Stansberry, Decorating
Jan Widman, Decorating
Gloria Zook, Decorating
Matt Jongeling, Lawn Care
Phyllis DeWolf, Flowers
Chris Lewis, Landscaping
Clint Vos, Chair
Doug DeHaan
Emily Sudbeck
Minda Thompson
Rita Hogue
Tim Van Meeteren